Issues to consider when building a dinosaur-themed scene


Construction Process of Dinosaur Theme Park

Preliminary Site Survey and Determination

In the process of planning a dinosaur theme park, the first step is to conduct a survey of the pre-selected site. The selection of the site should fully consider factors such as geographic location, transportation convenience, surrounding environment, and terrain. The size of the site determines the capacity and scale of the park, so the appropriate site area should be determined based on visitor needs and expected appeal.

Simulated Dinosaurs

Area Division

The dinosaur theme park can be divided into the following areas:

Dinosaur exhibition area: displaying different types of dinosaur models and fossils to allow visitors to learn about the history and evolution of dinosaurs.

Children's interactive area: setting up children's playgrounds, animated movie screenings, and other parent-child activities to enhance parent-child interaction.

Dining area: providing various dinosaur-themed dining options to meet visitors' needs.

Shop area: selling dinosaur-themed souvenirs and merchandise to increase revenue sources.

Performance area: hosting dinosaur-themed performances and activities to attract visitors to participate.

Dinosaur Planning


Route Determination

Plan the route for visitors to tour the park, ensuring that visitors can visit each area in order and minimize crowding. One-way or two-way routes can be set up to meet the needs of different visitors. At the same time, consider setting up facilities such as rest areas and bathrooms to provide convenience for visitors.

Ticket and Revenue-Generating Products

Tickets: Different types of tickets can be set, such as adult tickets, children's tickets, and student tickets, to meet the needs of different visitors.

Dinosaur rides for children: Set up fee-based dinosaur models for children to experience the fun of riding dinosaurs.

Walking dinosaurs: Set up fee-based walking dinosaur models for visitors to get close and take photos.

Dinosaur stage play: Host attractive dinosaur-themed stage plays and charge ticket fees.


Attraction of Visitor Spending Planning

Develop targeted marketing strategies, such as coupons, family packages, etc., to attract visitors to spend.

Host dinosaur-themed activities and festivals to increase visitor participation and spending willingness.

Collaborate with social media and tourism platforms for extensive promotion to increase visibility.

Provide high-quality visitor services, such as guided tours, parent-child activities, etc., to leave visitors with good memories. (Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or comments.)