What conditions need to be considered in creating a dinosaur-themed park?



Area Division: To help visitors better understand the various dinosaurs, dinosaur models, and other landscapes in the park, the park should be divided into different areas. For example, the park can be divided into dinosaur exhibition area, amusement area, science popularization area, etc.

Sky Decoration: Hanging dinosaur decorations in the sky can make the entire park more dinosaur-themed, but attention should be paid to the safety and durability of the decorations to avoid affecting visitors' experience.

Talking Dinosaurs: By setting up talking dinosaurs, visitor interaction and experience can be increased, but cost and technical feasibility should be considered.

Dinosaur Science Popularization Exhibition: Setting up a dinosaur science popularization exhibition in the park can increase visitors' understanding and interest in dinosaurs while also increasing the park's cultural atmosphere.

Profitable 恐龙规划.jpgProducts: To increase the park's profitability, some amusement facilities or specialty products, such as riding dinosaurs or sliding dinosaurs, can be introduced, but visitor safety and facility maintenance costs should be considered.

Other matters to note include park design and layout, safety facility setup, personnel training and management, etc. It is best to develop a detailed plan, including budget, timetable, operational strategy, etc., for better management and promotion of the park. The planning ideas have also been summarized for you, hoping to be helpful.

Project Overview

In this section, you can briefly introduce your project, including project name, location, theme, target audience, competitors, project goals, and vision. The main purpose of this section is to let readers understand the basic situation and goals of the project.

Project Scope

This section can provide a detailed description of the project scope, including project size, types of facilities, and site layout. You can create a site plan, indicating the location of various areas and the placement of facilities.

Facility Planning

In this section, you can list the facilities and buildings required for the project and make detailed plans for their layout and design. For example, you need to plan dinosaur-themed buildings, amusement facilities, dinosaur sculptures, and landscapes. In addition, you also need to plan for facility operation and maintenance, such as how to manage and maintain power equipment, how to clean and disinfect, etc.

Marketing Strategy

In this section, you need to consider how to promote the project and attract customers. You can list market research results, target audience and customer analysis, marketing strategies, etc. For example, you can develop a promotional plan, including advertising, social media, marketing events, etc., to attract more customers.

Budget and Funding

In this section, you need to develop a budget and funding plan for the project. You need to list the required funds and expenses for the project and develop a feasible funding plan. In addition, you also need to consider the operating costs and expected revenue of the project and make detailed plans for them.


In this section, you need to list the timeline for the project, including various stages, completion time, and milestones. In addition, you also need to consider possible delays and issues and develop corresponding solutions. (Please feel free to contact me at zghuayu@cetdino.com if you have any questions or comments.)